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This party is a fantasy steeped in reality. The truth is crazy Christians believe we eat babies. The truth is we are one patriarchal wrecking ball away from going back to coat hangers. The truth is abortion is emotionally and physically traumatic and pretty much no one is celebrating an invasive medical procedure.

This party is a call for support. We are shouting ABORTION IS NORMAL on the streets, but are we treating our fellow humans with uteruses that way? If abortion is normal, then abortion parties should be normal, an abortion discussion should be normal, an abortion breakdown should be normal — whatever you need. We should be able to cry without fear of political retribution. We should not face isolation within our own liberal community because of social stigma. Let’s bake each other some damn cakes.

Abortion Party. Installation of clay, handcut stencils, packing tape, spray paint, balloons, found object. 2021

Abortion Party documentation. 2021

Abortion Party documentation. 2021

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