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Video Runtime: 7:30

A narrative short film starring me as a turkey who purchases themself, prepares and cooks themself, and in the process is sexually liberated. In these moments of allowing myself to be a grown up body driven by a wild inner child, I am recovering a vital connection to my truest self. Part of a body of work entitled "Food is..."  Food is complicated, though I wish it wasn’t. When I was a kid, food was just fun. Treats were guilt free. There was no shame in having ice cream dripping down my chin. It was a time of blanket forts and getting lost in my imagination. Then diet culture killed my vibe, twisting me into a disordered eating mess. Food devoid of emotion does not deliver contentment. This work imagines a future where I have healed my relationship with food and returned to a personal consumption philosophy of playful indulgence, deep comfort, and joyous celebration.

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