I am interested in creating clarity out of chaos. I focus on figurative art, and utilize distortion techniques as a way to process the painful experience of living outside of societal norms. My work is informed by the intersection of my identities as a fat, queer, depressed, trauma surviving, non binary woman. I want to create work that is simultaneously confrontational to my audience and myself, requiring a perspective shift on both our parts. I aim for intense volume in my work, often using high contrast color, which acts as a visual protest. 


My artistic practice developed in response to struggles with depression and needing to find a language to connect with others from within that isolation. Relying on instinct and reaction to direct my process, I am drawn to collage as a medium, because it is the literal ripping apart of people, events, and spaces that I then get to piece together on my own terms. The act of collage includes a taking of inventory, organizing, processing the material, and then creating a new narrative. That is quite a strong parallel to the therapeutic process. 


I am focused on deepening the power of self discovery in my work, while also honing my technical and conceptual skills to draw others into that dialogue. My influences include  Neo-expressionism, zine culture, DIY mentality, Dadaism, graffiti / street art, intersectional feminism, and the radical self acceptance movement. What interests me most in making creative work is reclaiming power as a lifelong practice.

I am currently a third year studio art major at MTSU concentrating in printmaking and painting with a minor in psychology. Earning a BFA has been a dream for a long time -- a dream I put on hold to study something more practical when I was younger. I plan to continue on to a graduate degree in art therapy and use my creativity to serve both my artistic passions as well as provide guidance for others who seek to heal themselves.

veronica leto


Multidisciplinary Artist & Zinester 

Nashville via NJ/NYC

Self taught + self publishing since 2004.

MTSU BFA 2022.

©2020  by Veronica Leto. 

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