veronica leto

Artist & Zinester 

Nashville via NJ/NYC

Self taught + self publishing since 2004.

MTSU BFA candidate since 2019.


Artist Statement

Some man used the word popular to describe my work about 85 times in a short write up. He was genuinely trying to be complementary, but it made me uncomfortable. And, if there is nothing else that I do in this world, I will die trying to own what makes me uncomfortable. My body, my sexuality, my voice. All of my imperfect, destructive, valid choices. I will try to heal. I will not apologize. That’s what my work is about. 

To that end, I now regularly graze the cover of my own magazine called Popular. Three issues and counting.

Zine Statement

My first zine was made as a challenge for a mail art project. Write a manifesto. At the time I wrote a manifesto for creativity, because at the time I was coming into my own as an artist. You know, getting comfortable with saying the word out loud. Clearly, unapologetically identifying. Since then I have written many manifestos: for my fat body that owes you nothing, for my queer life that will partake in all desire, for the communities I am a part of as we fight for every inch of our freedom.


Making zines, no matter what they are about, is a form of activism and a fierce commitment to DIY principles. Personally, it's my one claim to punk. My process will never change despite tech advancements. Give me a stack of magazines, a typewriter, some scissors and glue sticks, a copy machine, and a ream of paper. I will give my all to putting myself out there on the pages in hopes that you will find comfort, perspective, or inspiration. I was taught that I am of no value. Putting zines out is my stance. My defiance of that noise.


My zines are part sketchbook, part journal, and part therapy practice. I mostly write personal essays, non linear narrative, and other prose about my heartbreak and discoveries. Sometimes, I mix in a how to zine, usually about birth or zine making itself. Sometimes, I get overtly political and spit and curse lyrically. My zine art could be described as alternative portraiture as I draw faces both cute and disturbing and I collage a visual akin to identity crisis.

With love and gratitude,


©2019 by Veronica Leto. 

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