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I find vintage diet books to be so violently preposterous that I cannot help but collect them. The Last Chance Diet is an eating revolution featuring Prolinn, an edible nonfood Dr. Linn would like you to replace all your calories with. Fun.

Erasing the anti-fat messaging in these books, one stubborn word at a time with manual and electric erasers, helps me ruminate on the work I have done to heal my relationship with food and my body. Patience is a work in perpetual progress. This book will be exhibited many times before completion.

Under the investigation of light, each striation of erasure is present in the paper, speaking to muscle memory and the trauma of pressure. The body remembers when you try to hide its true nature, and so does the paper. The pages become a relic of forgettable rhetoric, the violence of the process queers in the direction of recovery.

Patience.  Erasure poem of 220 page paperback book. 2023.

Patience.  Installation details. 2023.

I Have Questions. Artist Book. Mixed media. 2.25" x 7.5", 2020.

Let Us In, Let Us Out. Accordion book structure. Digital illustration / collage, paper cutting. 5.5" x 5" x 1.25". 2020.

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