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This is an ongoing video series in which I complete tasks for the audience of the camera to challenge and queer modes of labor. The movement of my body validates my capability, power, and majesty, while interrogating systems that are not designed to uphold my prowess.  The rest and tenderness I show myself is an act of defiance and permission. The joy is unfiltered and a path to self healing. The effort is true.

My material choice is dictated by what objects come into my life that I find corporeal and that inspire a relationship connection. So far my family of collaborators consists of a six foot wide beach ball and a memory foam mattress topper.

Endurance. 2 Channel video performance. Runtime: 1:18:00. 2023

Clip of Channel 1: Inflate. 

Endurance. 2 Channel video performance. Runtime: 1:18:00. 2023

Clip of Channel 2: deflate. 

Memory.  Video performance. Runtime: 9:04. 2022

Installation of Endurance and Memory.  2023.

Endurance  2 channel video. Runtime: 1:18:18. 2023

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