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Fatshion Artist Book, 2021

Fatshion. Artist Book, Digital printing, single sheet coptic stitch, 16 pages that each fold out to  reveal 4 panels of art and writing. 7.75” x 10.5” x 1.25” Measures 31 inches unfolded. 2021. 

Fatshion Installation, 2021

48” x 72”. Mixed media collage. Rows from top: magazine page, xerox, silkscreen, digital collage. 2021.

This piece is about what it is like to participate in fashion with a fat body. Visual style inspirations are often delivered to us on thin bodies — bizarrely even in exclusively plus size spaces — so it becomes the burden of larger people to contort the visuals in our heads to try and fit our bodies. I can’t just pick up a magazine, see a cool look, and run out and buy whatever the model is wearing. I gotta go through an emotional and logistical process to surmount all sorts of obstacles stemming from fat oppression.

The goal is twofold: one, I need you to understand the extra labor society requires of me, and two, I need you to support that I am not taking this shit anymore by celebrating how fabulous I look. Thin people in magazines are boring.

The original piece informs an ongoing performance piece documented on my instagram.

LETO Fatshion.jpg
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