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This project is an ongoing performative print series interrogating access, labor, and beauty standards for large bodies in fashion. I start with style inspiration from fashion editorials and advertisements, recreate the looks with garments and purposefully obvious digital alterations, and superimpose my version onto the magazine page. This practice is my playground for genderbending and sexual expression, as well as a celebratory resistance to the cultural standard of shamefully covering up fat flesh.  

In the many iterations of this project, I am asking the viewer to consider a space entirely reliant on queer aesthetics. Isn’t it more exciting, more vulnerable, more human? I am asking them to consider the greater value of a fat model, a nonbinary model, a queer model. I am asking them to consider how the dominant, thin, heteronormative narrative of a fashion magazine has harmed them.


Excerpt: Our bodies deserve clothes that fit, make us excited to be seen, and affirm our identities. We do not deserve all the extra labor required to style ourselves just so we can comfortably exist in society. It is emotionally exhausting to be fed style inspiration almost exclusively on thin bodies, and don’t get me started on how much extra labor I undertake in putting a look together. I have to hunt to the ends of the internet — y’all drive to the mall.

Fatshion Vol. I. Magazine, perfect binding, 72 pages.2022. 


Excerpt from Fatshion Vol. I. Guess Advertisement. 2022. 

Process of Fatshion digital edits.

Fatshion. Artist Book, Digital printing, single sheet coptic stitch, 16 pages that each fold out to  reveal 4 panels of art and writing. 7.75” x 10.5” x 1.25” Measures 31 inches unfolded. 2021. 

Fatshion. Artist Book. 2021. 

LETO Fatshion.jpg

Fatshion Installation, 2021. 48” x 72”. Mixed media collage: magazine page, xerox, silkscreen, digital collage. 2021.

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