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Food Is...

Complicated, though I wish it wasn’t. When I was a kid, food was just fun. Treats were guilt free. There was no shame in having ice cream dripping down my chin. It was a time of blanket forts and getting lost in my imagination. Then diet culture killed my vibe, twisting me into a disordered eating mess. Food devoid of emotion does not deliver contentment.This work imagines a future where I have healed my relationship with food and returned to a personal consumption philosophy of playful indulgence, deep comfort, and joyous celebration.cakes.

Food is Comfort

2022. Mixed media. 8’ x 5.5’ x 3’.
It’s a rainy day. Your mom helped you make this cool fort to hang out in. She said you can have as many snacks as you want.


Food is Fun

2022. Paper mache, wire, roller skates, concrete. 6’ x 5.5’ x 2’
Food doesn’t need to make sense, to add up, to fit. Fit what? Says who? I’m not listening to anyone but myself anymore.

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