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This is an ongoing print based research project utilizing mayonnaise as screenprint ink and the act of folding as an exploration of the folds and caverns of flesh.

The translucency of a mayonnaise stain offers a curious window into layers beneath and behind. It is a mask, a protector, a skin. It is what is under the skin, under the fat, that matters.

I am drawn to the temporal qualities of mayonnaise ink, because the moment the print is pulled the oil begins to grow beyond the structure of its initial lines. It cannot be contained. It breaches constraint and illustrates the beautiful confusion of being too little, too much, and enough all at the same time. It is evidence of a moment when the image made perfect sense, and gives space for the subsequent moments of uncontrolled existence. It is a print made from fat, that grows fatter over time, and is appreciated for these qualities.


Cornered.  Mayonnaise on masa paper. 48” x 22” 2023.

Folding Canons.  Video runtime: 2:20. 2023.

Various Paper Research.  Variable size. 2023.

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