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This is an ongoing performance and print based project utilizing the weight of my body in place of a traditional printing press. Experiments in this series include frottage from traditional printing matrices, laying or rolling my whole body on memory foam with layers of ink, plastic, and paper underneath, and performing tasks atop acrylic sheeting with layers of ink and printable substrates underneath. 

I’m thinking of ways that the body can be present on paper without the contour of a figure. I’m thinking about the disruptive nature of choosing queer methods to accomplish straight tasks. I’m thinking about how I can embody my experience on camera while simultaneously recording impact through print impressions. About the potential to nap as work manifests beneath me. About the choreography of the process allowing for more fluidity, more muscle groups to be involved, more support from more parts of my physical being. More mistakes, more reactions, more contact. I know the process is just as valuable as the result. I am reclaiming the press as a kindness, as a material relationship enhancer, as a political stance. I want my viewer to see the rules I am breaking and the access that this rebellion can provide both of us. The definition and practice of print has to expand and this is my contribution.

Pressure.  Artist Book. 80 pages. 12" x 12" x 1.5" 2023.

pressure process oce.jpg

Documentation of Pressure process. 2022-23. 


Documentation of Rubbings Installation. 2022. 

Documentation of Pressure process. 2022-23. 

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