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This is an ongoing series of self portrait based prints that explores the external body as a site for trauma and a catalyst for internal transformation. Presentation, aesthetic, skin vs. belief, integrity, veins.

My print work visually exemplifies the nonlinear qualities of healing. My process involves capturing still and moving images of myself and cycling them through digital filters and/or projecting them back onto my body for more self portraiture to replicate the process of deconstructing and reconstructing oneself over time. Each time the image is translated from analog to digital and back again, some information distorts or goes missing altogether, yet our brain can still make sense amongst the glitches. That is symbolic of trauma’s effect on a brain. This process queers the information hierarchy and delights my need for a reactive, poetic flow to work out the versions of self I house within my flesh. 


Sanctuary  Screenprint. 17" x 22". 2023.

XL-Rated (Variations 1-4). Screenprint. 15"' x 24". 2023.

Cycles of Heft and Breath. Animation. 2022.

Documentation of Projections of Self. 2023.

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